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    When meeting new people, I dread the question “where are you from”. If only I had a simple answer! Do they mean where was I born? Where did I grow up?…

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    Getting older is just a fact of life. It’s a state of mind. I admire those older people who still have that get up and go, to adventure, explore and not…

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    I’ve been struggling recently with an insane amount of thoughts, to-do-lists and frustrations with the looming move, all swirling around in my tiny brain. I don’t like feeling this way –…

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    This expat life….

    I am fortunate to enjoy an expat life, living and working overseas. There are many plus sides to this lifestyle….travelling and exploring new places, meeting new friends, new experiences…. but one…

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    Auntie B

    My Auntie B had a wicked sense of humour. She could ask those probing questions no one else would dare to but in such an endearing way that only an elder…