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    At Christmas time….

    My default setting is not sentimental, gushy or emotional but at Christmas time, somehow that all changes and I turn into a ticking time bomb of emotions! I don’t know what…

  • Life Style

    A Christmassy day out

    It is the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas. Always have. But honestly, I prefer the run up and anticipation rather than the main event!! And I think…

  • Life

    A new adventure

    Well, this is it. The time for me to leave Kenya has come. There have been plenty of times over the past 2 years when I longed for this day to…

  • Life


    When meeting new people, I dread the question “where are you from”. If only I had a simple answer! Do they mean where was I born? Where did I grow up?…

  • Life


    Getting older is just a fact of life. It’s a state of mind. I admire those older people who still have that get up and go, to adventure, explore and not…