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Let’s hear it for New York

I love cities. Don’t get me wrong, I love a country escape and time out amongst trees and hills but I love cities. How you can get lost in them, the anonymity, while away hours exploring. However, I had never been to New York. Not properly anyway (I’m not counting a business trip for 24 hours!!). London and Paris I know well, so it was about time I completed the hat-trick and got myself to NYC!

I had three whole days to explore and aside from spending some time with wonderful friends, I had no agenda. Nothing. I didn’t even really have any ‘must sees’. I tend to shun major tourist attractions in big cities, favouring smaller or cites, or, best of all, simply spending time in neighbourhoods to really get a feel for another place.

This was also going to be the longest solo trip I had done. I’ve always thought of myself as an adventurer and I’ve travelled solo for work plenty of times. I’ve got to grips with eating on my own, navigating strange airports, even squeezing in some sightseeing time. But this was going to be the longest holiday I had done alone. And I was excited about it!

I had an Airbnb booked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I couldn’t wait to start exploring! The weather was perfect and I walked, and walked, and walked!!! If I could avoid taking the subway, I did! Far more interesting to see what was going on above ground. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge; I wandered around Soho and the Financial District; I saw the Carravagio exhibition at the MET; drank far too many cocktails and generally had a wonderful time.

NYC was incredible. And I can’t wait to go back again. But my heart will always be in London as far as big cities go.


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