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Time Out

I recently read somewhere that being alone may be the key to rest. When people were asked to list the activities they find most restful, reading came out on top, followed by being in the natural environment, being on your own, listening to music and doing nothing in particular. Interestingly, most of these are done on your own.

I’ve never been afraid of my own company. I’ve often relished nights in on the sofa by myself, glass of wine in hand and whatever I want to watch on Netflix. I’m happy in coffee shops by myself and have no problem eating a meal on my own – years of travelling have shown me that.

But recently I’ve been in a position where I’ve needed to rest. I’ve not wanted to – it has been quite a challenge tearing myself away from work and handing it over to other people – but I am learning to embrace ‘resting’. And I have done a lot of the resting on my own. Reading, running, walking, listening to music. And I have found it to be more restful.

It’s been a good time out. And I don’t say that lightly. But I’ll be ready to get back to the crazy. Its time.


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