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Vegas baby!

I have never been one to be overly drawn to the bright lights and lure of Las Vegas. But when one of your besties choses to get married there, I didn’t hesitate – I was not missing that wedding!

I first went to Vegas in 2005 as part of a California/Nevada road trip with my sister. She was only 19 so we couldn’t drink but that didn’t matter. There was so much else to do – we explored the casinos, soaked up the atmosphere and spent time people watching. It was amazing how quickly three days went!

So I was excited to go again. We stayed in the Venetian (the biggest hotel in the world and its insane!), drank margaritas, hung out with friends and shopped! The boys spent an evening on the slots but were adamant that the house was not going to win and kept cashing out every dollar! While still enjoying the free beers……

The wedding was amazing. The ceremony was held on a roof terrace over looking the Strip. We took a bus tour to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and

Overall, I find it can be a sad and depressing place. Seeing people sitting at the slots, glazed and withdrawn, at 9am is not a positive sight. Plus I figure if you want to go out drinking and dancing, there are places I would much rather do it (New York or London for example!). But, for a few days, it is pretty easy to forget all that and just take it for what it is. One big theme park.

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