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At Christmas time….

My default setting is not sentimental, gushy or emotional but at Christmas time, somehow that all changes and I turn into a ticking time bomb of emotions! I don’t know what it is about these holidays but I find myself on the brink of a tear-fest, never quite sure just what will set me off (singing O Come All Ye Faithful apparently will do it!).

There are a few things I can guarantee will bring on the tears…….watching It’s a Wonderful Life will always get me going. Watching the Nativity at church will definitely set me off (and the one at Courtfield Gardens was particularly cute this year).  And putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree in my living room generally has a few tears running down my face!

But ultimately I think it is that overwhelming feeling of it being just a special time of year. A time of celebration and contemplation, a time to catch up with family, spending time with friends you don’t get to see very often, and a time to be grateful and thankful.

Where ever you are this festive season and whatever you are doing, I wish you a joy-filled Christmas and may 2016 be everything you hope for.

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