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A Swiss Adventure

I love having friends dotted all over the world. Sure, it makes it harder to keep in touch, and you often go for long stretches without seeing each other but it does offer amazing opportunities to travel and visit them in their new surroundings. Plus you get a unique insight into somewhere else with a ‘local’ view point.

That’s often easier said (or dreamt of!) than it is done. But this weekend I took the rare opportunity of being within easy(wish) reach of my friend Amy who moved to Switzerland a few years ago.

So, I flew to Zurich and took a train to Lucerne. Situated on the shores of Lake Lucerne and nestled between some serious mountains it really was everything I pictured a Swiss town to be!

We explored Lucerne. Took a cable car up the mountain and enjoyed the snow! We took a boat ride across the lake and drank beer and ate küchen. And we even managed to find the obligatory Irish bar to watch some rugby.

But most of all, we just spend time chatting and catching up – just where we left off last time.


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