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ig trading When meeting new people, I dread the question “where are you from”. If only I had a simple answer! Do they mean where was I born? Where did I grow up? Where have I travelled from most recently?

follow But “where is home”? Well, that is actually a really easy question to answer. Considering my slightly nomadic life and up bringing, it would be very easy for me to be confused as to where ‘home’ is. Whilst I have a Canadian passport and actively support Ireland in rugby matches, own a flat in London and am just about to move from Kenya to Jordan, I know where ‘home’ is.

http://teentube.cz/?ertye=sistema-de-citas-web-costa-rica&dfa=be To me, home is where you feel safe, where you long to go and never want to leave, where you can completely relax and rest. It’s full of memories.

http://acps.cat/feed/ And for me it this little corner of Scotland.


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