Birthday – Inner French Girl


Getting older is just a fact of life. It’s a state of mind. I admire those older people who still have that get up and go, to adventure, explore and not let a few extra years get the better of them. They have experience and wisdom and have a lived a life. I also firmly believe that age is just a number and that you shouldn’t be defined by that number but by how you feel and how you act.

I have always loved my birthday. It’s an excuse to get friends and family together, to get dressed up, do something fun, and eat cake! A few short weeks ago we celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday. I flew home from Kenya to celebrate her. The scary thing (and a healthy reality check for me!) is that I still think that I am in my early 30s! Clearly not…..

It was such a fun celebration which lasted all weekend! Friends new and old, gathering together to celebrate a true wee gem.

(photo credits: @lezbez85, @gillybeeenz and @innerfrnechgirl. Cakes by the superbly talented @gillybeeenz).

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