Trusting – Inner French Girl


I’ve been struggling recently with an insane amount of thoughts, to-do-lists and frustrations with the looming move, all swirling around in my tiny brain. I don’t like feeling this way – tense, frustrated, angry with the world (so dramatic, I know!) but it doesn’t matter how much I try and chill out and relax, these thoughts are all consuming.

That is until I saw this this morning and instantly my perspective changed.

God put you there. Be confident. Be humble.

Like a dawning realisation. Its not all about me. There is a bigger plan here and I might not always know at the time what it is.

I have never been good at trusting in the next phase. I’m impatient and organised and want to just crack on with the sorting, and the doing and the planning. But a lot of that is often out of my hands, and I get frustrated when I can’t go at the pace I want to.

So today I am remembering that God is up to something. That there is a reason that I am going through all this turmoil. I am going to trust in the process. He’s got this.

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