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This expat life….

I am fortunate to enjoy an expat life, living and working overseas. There are many plus sides to this lifestyle….travelling and exploring new places, meeting new friends, new experiences…. but one of the downsides is that it comes with some uncertainty and upheaval.

I have recently been trying to figure out what the next step is (never an easy or simple task!) as I am due to leave Kenya in the next couple of months. I’m not going to bore you with ins and outs of the decision making process but the decision is made and I will be heading to Amman, Jordan later in the year.

It’s funny, Nairobi has been a challenging place to live and at times, I’ve found it really difficult. But now that I know I am leaving, I am realising all the things I will miss. I mean, how many places could you go and see lions, zebra and giraffe every weekend?? And I will definitely miss my year round tan 🙂

But I am excited for a new place and new adventures. And Amman has IKEA and a drive through Starbucks.

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