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    One of the amazing bonuses of living overseas, and one of my favourite things, is having people to visit. I love it. From the initial excitement of friends booking tickets and the anticipation of their arrival, to hosting friends and family in my home. And the best part of all? Airport pick ups! I love waiting in arrivals, hoping desperately that the next person out will be for you!

    I love showing them my haunts, my favourite places – to eat, to get coffee, to have a beer. But most of all, I love the opportunity to spend time with them, experiencing new adventures.

    My first visitors arrived this summer and with them, plans for trips, outings and lots of fun things! I had to work for large parts of the trip but we still managed to squeeze in a visit to the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and plenty of fun things in Amman too!

    And I am hoping for plenty more visitors over the next few years. Come stay!

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