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    Dreams do come true


    I remember vividly listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love album when I was about 8 years old in our house in France. And I have loved the man and his music ever since. But I had never got to see him in concert……until now. And not just him, but with the full E Street Band as well. And I got to go to Dublin for it!

    We found an amazing Airbnb in Portobello and spent the weekend just wandering around, enjoying the sunshine and dodging hen and stag parties (not easy – they seemed to be everywhere!). We obviously enjoyed the standard Guinness brewery tour and learned how to pull the perfect pint. And enjoyed spectacular sunny views over Dublin. We explored Trinity College and St Patrick Cathedral. And we sipped cocktails in Sophie’s at the Dean Hotel overlooking the city.

    But really, for me it was all just the preamble to the main event! I was beyond excited! I can safely say that I had never been so excited to go to a concert in all my life. And it did not disappoint. From the awesome setting in the sun at Croke park, to the those first few acoustic bars, right through to the encore of classics, I was mesmerised and captivated for the full 3 and a half hours that he played. Springsteen has such a talent for connecting with his audience, no matter what the age, and his music has touched so many people over the years. But it was his connection with the E-Street Band which captivated me – the tight knit understanding between them that only comes from chemistry and years of playing together. It was all intuitive. And their sets lists were spontaneous and in reaction to requests from the crowd. That was impressive.

    There is something so special abut live music – the way it can instantly transport you back to a time, a place, a person. And the adrenaline and pure joy you feel when song you know and love is played, is truly one of my favourite feelings in the world.

    And I even managed to convert a unbeliever too 🙂

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